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Standing Orders March 2021  here
Personnel Committee – Terms of Reference

Members: Cllr. M. Biddle,  Cllr. J Woolf Cllr. C. Burton


Events Committee – Terms of Reference

Cllr. J. Woolf, Cllr. C. Burton, Cllr. T. Hammond

November 2018


December 2018




Complaints Procedure December 2016 here
Councillors Code of Conduct  February 2021 here
 Financial Regulations  March 2021  here
 E-Mail Policy  March 2018  here
 Publication Scheme  March 2018  here
 Safeguarding Policy  March 2018  here
 Retention Policy c  March 2018  here
 Grant Policy – Please contact the Clerk for an application form  March 2018  here
 Co-option Policy  March 2018  here
 Assets Register  March 2021  here
 Openness & Transparency Policy  December 2016  here
Minor Disputes Policy June 2018 here
Media Policy June 2018 here
Freedom of Information Act  December 2016  here
 Risk Assessment – General  March 2021 here
 Anti Graffiti Policy  December 2016   here
 Health and Safety Policy – General  December 2016   here
 Risk Assess. Health and Safety – Venues  December 2016   here